ABC Self-Healing Work... Answering Prayers
Healing Based on The Principles of A Course In Miracle

Except From A Course In Miracles: "Prayer is the medium of miracles. Prayer is the natural communication of the created with the Creator. Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed.

Answered Prayers Through Perfection Healing Work...

As we learn how God works and how much He truly Loves us, we come to understand that a prayer is not about asking something of God, but opening up to God, so that we might be filled with whatever He would reveal to us.

How do we open ourselves up to God through our prayers?  Simply by allowing Him to remove that which blocks His Love from working in our lives.  The truth is God stands ready to answer our prayers.  It is not He who is holding back the love that would fulfill our needs for His Love for us is always maximal. With God there is never half measures.

With this as our Father's desire, we need only be willing to remove the blocks we created that stand in the way of His Love. And now we can do this through a process He has given us called ABC Self-Healing.  It is the ABC's of answered prayers, the way to opening up to God's Love and His proof that He did not create us to suffer. It is His way of helping us open ourselves up to His Love, it is a Divine Portal through which we can walk into where His Willingness and Faith in us is allowed to join with ours, where acceptance of His Love is experienced tangibly in our lives.

By doing the work, the steps of healing, and communicating with your Divine Guidance with through Perfection Healing, you are saying, “You are welcome in here God."  We are saying to God, "You are welcome to come in and show me how I am blocking my awareness of your Love's presences so that my needs are met in your infinite ways, not by or through my limited mind." 

In this way, Perfection Healing asks not that God show up for us, but rather we are giving Him permission through our total surrender. We let Him guide us, show us, what is blocking our awareness to our Divine Birthright, our right to passage in the understanding and awareness, that we are truly His children that He Loves dearly.  For when we realize this, we realize that He did not make us to suffer. We realize that His Image and Likeness never left us... and that healing is only a matter of letting go of our limited beliefs and ways of thinking, our ideas, our attitudes, that somehow we are separate from God and simple trying again to do it our way.

In this light ABC Self-Healing is a process of answering your own prayers, being that in fact you are a child of God fully empowered by His Love expressing through you, as you, where there is the acknowledgement that: I and My Father are One! In this oneness, miracles are commonplace where time stands still and the Holy Instant of Eternity is unleashed to heal.

May you humbly, meekly pray asking for the guidance to let go and let God, for even if for an instant you release all your defenses, your "I want to do it my way mentality", you will realize that God never left us and He has always been here. You will realize that we in fact left God and our Infinite Nature In Him, yet are always welcome to return home if we allow ourselves to be healed from our mis-perceptions, our false ideas of believing that we are even subject to sin, sickness and death.

But don't stop here... talk with a Perfection Healing Coach and explore more 'for yourself' or for 'your friend' how exactly the process works; learn how you and they too can receive healing, illumination, and greater peace in your life. It is a lot simpler than you might imagine - and here are the testimonies to prove it...

A Home-Study, Experiential Guide for "Miracle Working" (A Lab-Class for ACIM)