Unleash A Course In Miracles In Your Life! (A Lab-Class for ACIM)

"When We Awaken To Awareness of The Perfect Love of God
Already Within Us, We Realize Nothing Else But This Is Real...
And Our Healing Becomes Completes, And With It, The World's."

            - Christos

                                                       Laura E. Lassiter
                                    Certified Perfection Healing Life Coach

About Laura

I have been involved with the process of Perfection Healing for about 2 years. It began when I “happened” to see flyer for a workshop at a local church. Having dealt with Claustrophobia and Cerebral Palsy for most of my life and I decided to give the workshop a try.  After all, I thought, what was one more healing modality? At least it didn’t involve medicine and unnecessary side effects!

I have had so much success with the work and I have a great relationship with my guidance. Although, (laughing,) it’s an everyday process!

Why Choose Laura As My Coach?

Laura loves people and has the experience required to assist people on their Spiritual Journey in a judgment free and safe environment.

Tips & Tricks

• There is NO right or wrong to this work.
• Stay out of your own way, DON’T QUESTION!
• Have fun and listen, your guidance is your best friend.
• SHARE YOUR STORY! In this day and age, people need to know that they’re not alone, if you feel led to do sessions for the people in your life… GO FOR IT!

Policies and Contact Info:
Laura has been guided to request a fee of $45.00 a session. However, NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY. If you need to request a fee be waved, please notify Laura at the beginning or prior to your appointment. Due to scheduling, Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your allotted time.

Laura is available via:
Skype: laura.lassiter84,

Email: llassiter1184@gmail,

or by phone: 704.941.4223. (Texting optional)

                                                    ~ THANK YOU ~