Unleash A Course In Miracles In Your Life! (A Lab-Class for ACIM)

"Intention Is 100%"
As First Taught By The Being of the Christ Light

Your Intention, Conscious and Unconscious, Creates 100% of Your Experience RIGHT NOW!

A Message from God, or Source, The Oneness of It All...

You are 100% responsible for the life experience you are having right now.  Why? Because this is the way I set up the universe.

You see, my beloved Son or Daughter, I Love You and as a result of this fact, it is my good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven, or Hell, whichever you choose to experience; or a combination of both as most experience it.

Now, you will correctly say to yourself, "well... I sure as hell am not choosing to create hell for myself"... and this, for most you, may be true, at least 'consciously you are not choosing it''. 
However, subconsciously you are nevertheless choosing it. It's just you're not aware or conscious of your choice.  And it is here I will explain the more of the totality of "It is my good pleasure to give you the Kingdom".

As your birthright as my child, you all were made in my image and likeness—you were given the gift of co-creating or experiencing life as you choose to experience it.  The problem is that now, due to your forefathers and mothers, many generations ago, decided to create an experience where they would 'do things completely their way'... as if completely separate from me—as if this were possible.

Thus, they 'created' what has become to be called 'hell'... but the only way to create such an experience, Being that I am All Things and Expressions of Creation... or Perfect Love without Condition happening everything, omnipresent in its totality...was to 'pretend' or 'dream' that such were possible. It was in that moment that everything seemed to change, for they created a 'new seeming reality'.

So now we fast forward many generations to NOW.  And it is here you will see clearly the solution, for you will have discovered the problem. The solution is "your stopping of the adopting blindly"... from many generations ago, all the 'sub-standard paradise potentials' choices. Yes, you adopted 'thoughts of limitation' that were created long before you were even born into this lifetime. You simple, just as your mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, teachers and leader did, you said 'yes' to their 'limited perceptions' of reality, their limited beliefs in Me, as if they were absolute truth.

This "absolute truth," because of who you are, a child of Mine, became your part of the your "100% truth of reality!  So for generations, humanity has lived 50% Love and 50% Fear = 100% Life Lived in a polarized reality. You love but you fear. You live but you die. You succeed but you fail. You created a Paradise Kingdom of Duality—half and half, mixed, confused, troubling to just survive. Is this my choice for you? I will borrow you phase, hell no! 

And yet, we still need to take you deeper... where the solution you can see is Perfectly Clear!

For many of you, your spiritual work has been to let all these unrealities go, specifically the 'negative beliefs' or the 'hells' of your forfather's ancient generational mis-creations.  So perhaps instead of a 50/50 split intentional experienced creation (or the working of what many call the law of attraction), you are running 70/30—life Infinite verses Life Limited (Hell as you call it).  So you have made great progress and this is good, very good. But you still see and acknowledge the 'negative' or 'hell' as we say.

But what you don't realize is the only way you can see it is If you believe (choose) that it as 'your truth'.  So for clarity, we will call this your "trucafuse".   And again for clarity, we will call your intention made manifest, a duality experience called your Trucafuse Paradise Kingdom.  So, in Perfect Clarity, it is indeed my good pleasure to give you My Kingdom, but as many of you have insisted, you continue to create a limited one called "Trucafuse", which is nothing more that Your Truth In Confusion!

This is then the reason why your Intention is 100%.  And it is why you are 100% responsible for everything you are experiencing... for you are right now creating it.  It is your birthright to continue to make the Trucafuse Kingdom your experience, for I know I created you as my Infinite child, and thus, like everything I create, it will always be just as I created it. So in reality, it was created Perfect, Infinite, Eternal and will Always be this. It will always be Unchanged from what it was created to be. This is how and why the universe will last eternally for this is the nature of Me, the Perfect Love I Am.  So I wait for your return as I know you will return. The only question is when? Or perhaps a better question is: When will you finish wasting your time trying to do things your way?

So as My Divine Offspring, you can image and pretend it to be something less than Perfect for the rest of this lifetime experience and even the next, but it is nothing more than that a dream, an imagined reality (or the Matrix or idea I shared in the movie of the same name).

Some of you may now ask: How in the hell does it seem so real, as it sure seems to be so damn true? Follow by—It just seems as if I have no control of stopping the insanity of fears and guilt, the experience and negative happenings I see all around me?  Well, My Child, the short answer is: It seems so real because of who you really are and this is why it seems so damn real.

You see, My Beloved Child, you are Super Human and in reality, you are experiencing your 'super human powers' of a reality your creating.  Right or wrong, good or bad, your abilities to create never stopped, they are just being directed and attuned to making this imagined reality of your negativity real.  You are writing your own script and now your an actor in your own unreality.  So regardless of your being aware of this, along with your brothers and sisters... regardless of what you believe, you cannot change and forgo completely your Paradise Powers. They're your birthright. They are inherent in who you are. You can ignore them... and ignore is the right word. And this 'choice of ignoring' quickly becomes denial... a form of cosmic forgetfulness that, because of your power, seens to be all but permanent. But they are not... and in this fact is your solution, should you choose to choose again; but this time, the Reality Kingdom of 100% Pure Positive Love, Your Home with Me, your Father/Mother God.

So here is your key to changing it all. Just like many generations ago, two of you mutually agreed to create your own reality, we now call "Trucafuse". All it now takes is another two of you to come home to your true Paradise Kingdom home. All that is needed is two witnesses to your Father's truth, My Truth I hold our for you to accept right now, and it will all be reversed.  Trucafuse will disappear, along with all its disparities, and your Paradise Kingdom will quickly become your alway new, everyday experience. This I promise you! This, with your willingness, I will prove to you if you will Allow me to show you.

This is why your awareness that your Intention Being 100% is the Solution! This is why all that is needed is two of you to Master the knowingness of Being Joined In Me, With Me and My Thoughts, Our Reality Thoughts that are within your right now—And in this agreement, this Allowing, you will return On Earth, as it has always been, to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the reality of how and why Perfection Healing does the correcting—shifting your Trucafuse Kingdom of illusion to the Real Kingdom of Heaven within. This Kingdom of Pure Love is 100% of who you are, 100% Perfect Love, 100% just as I Created You!

This is why it is a journey without distance, for you simply Awaken from a dream to the Real World of Perfect Love. All it awaits is your Intention to Allow it to be 100% just the way I Created It.  So ask and it will be given, for it is My Good Pleasure to give you the Real Kingdom; and knowing now, all that is needed is that you release all your 'thoughts' (beliefs) as to what you think or believe it should look like—for right behind your Trucafused thoughts you will find the Real World, Real Freedom... a world where fear and guilt are not real for they have been completely forgiven!

Herein lies the deeper truth. You need do nothing. It's already here!

Herein lies too the lesson, Live In The Moment and Allow My Truth to Be Yours!

I Love You!

A Home-Study, Experiential Guide for "Miracle Working" (A Lab-Class for ACIM)