A Home-Study, Experiential Guide for "Miracle Working" (A Lab-Class for ACIM)

What Is Perfection Healing? What it Does? How it Works?

  1. Perfection Healing is a Lab Class (hands on practice) for A Course In Miracles, where your Inner Teachers walks your through releasing the blocks to your tangible awareness (miracle healing) of Love's Presence.
  2. Perfection Healing is a process of embracing the “Perfection” that God is holding out to you right now, where perfect balance of mind, body and spirit is realized.
  3. Perfection Healing realigns you energetically to the experience of the Love that you are, removing the blocks to this awareness, that were mistakenly created during your life.
  4. Perfection Healing is an active transformational meditation (ATM) process, where time is taken to be guided by the Holy Spirit, so to release the blocks to our full awareness of Love’s Presence. As a result, it is a highly targeted process of Awakening.
  5. Perfection Healing is a process where your Perfection is realized, just as God created you.
  6. Perfection Healing removes (heals) the blocks to your awareness of God’s design for your body, where suffering heals and Perfection Returns.
  7. Perfection Healing is a miracle healing process, where instant shifts in mind dispel the ‘limited perception’, allowing the unlimited flow of Love to happen once again.
  8. Perfection Healing demonstrates that you are indeed immortal, for as you heal, you too release the ‘mortal mind’ and all that is left is the experience of infinity, immortality, Love.
  9. Perfection Healing dissolves all body, mind and spirit imperfections, blemishes, bumps, spots, lumps… and all signs of dysfunction that negative blocks causes throughout the body.
  10. Perfection Healing heals all diseases… for it is God’s way of gifting His children with His Holy Instant.
  11. Perfection Healing is the practice of the Holy Instant, as defined in A Course In Miracles. It is a portal of the world of Miracles.
  12. Perfection Healing recognizes you as “Already Perfect,” and guides you to experiencing Your Perfection.
  13. Perfection Healing aims to release you from all your insanities, the beliefs in sin, sickness and death… so that life is experienced in an “Awaken State” of “Being just as God Created You”… Eternal, Immortal, Unlimited Perfection.
  14. Perfection Healing teaches you the truth of who you are, providing a means of releasing all the lies of darkness humanity mistaken adopted as the truth… and you mistakenly bought into.
  15. Perfection Healing is a way of walking without question in the Love of God.
  16. Perfection Healing is a gift that transforms your environment, corrects minds and hearts that saw you guilty or incomplete.
  17. Perfection Healing is the doorway to the Kingdom of Heaven within.
  18. Perfection Healing is an authorization; it is a process of identifying the presence of your individuality perfectly. Therefore, when you use this authorization you are not coercing a material body into obedience to the divine; you are actually bringing your thought processes, your thinking into alignment with what it is already the intent of your body to do.
  19. Perfection Healing restore the truth of who you are… not in concept, but as a living tangible reality.
  20. Perfection Healing reverses the processes of time, causing a collapse as if time never happened, where the past and future never happened. Herein we find Perfect Freedom.
  21. Perfection Healing is a journey of discovery the dream of suffering was never real, just as A Course In Miracles teaches.
  22. Perfection Healing is the discovery of the Christ within, which is merely the Perfect Love of God, the Only Begotten Oneness of It All, the remembering of our Only Begotten Sonship In God.
  23. Perfection Healing is a Practice of Saying “YES” to God and His way of thinking, God’s Will for us, and releasing our desire to “do it alone—our way”.
  24. Perfection Healing reveals your eternal nature, you vitality, your eternal youth of body, mind and spirit.
  25. Perfection Healing opens you up to communicating with God, to revealing that He has been and always will be, with us, Always. This is the truth that is unchangeable, though we can choose to believe it otherwise—however, never will it change from what it is. Simply ignored for a while… nothing more.
  26. Perfection Healing connects us with our Holy Spirit, our Right Mind, our Divine Mind. It is the 90% mind we little have used sparingly… choosing instead the little 10% orphan-hood mind of the separated ego.
  27. Perfection Healing remove the ‘littleness’ mentality that we have all lived, replacing it with the Grandeur of Being who we really are and created to BE.
  28. Perfection Healing replaces ‘fear’ with ‘love’…proving to us the truth of the Awaken state and its contrast to of illusion. Herein is revealed the wonderful Peace In God.
  29. Perfection Healing is a practice where we learn to communicate through our bodies in a new way.  Through our Auric Bodies Communicating, we find we are in fact already in "The Oneness of It All"... and never have we ever been alone.
  30. Perfection Healing is communication, where the divine mind consciously joins with God's Mind... and remembrance, awakening begins.
  31. Perfection Healing teaches the student the truth of who they are and does this by experiential learning.
  32. Perfection Healing heals unbeliefs, whereby faith is made real and a knowingness in the heart.
  33. Perfection Healing teaches by factual proof  that 'love is life-eternal' and suffering is only a fleeting imagining mistakenly adopted by all of humanity... and passed from one generation to another, as it is was and always will be real.