Instantly Unleash Tangible Miracles In Your Life! (A Lab-Class for ACIM)

A Summary...

                       Perfection Healing Lab Work Is A Process of Mastering
                         The Holy Instant As Taught In A Course In Miracles.

Perfection Healing is a healing modality for awakening to the remembrance of your divinity. Perfection Healing is a practice that A Course In Miracles refers to as the Holy Instant where we experience all that God holds out to us. It works by systematically dismantling our limited ego thought system, which is blocking our awareness to Love’s Presence. Love's Presence is God's Presence within us and our thoughts (our insistence on doing things our way) not only blocks God's miracles of correction, but His Love is not perceived in our experience as tangible.

The Holy Instant is the instant in time where communion and communication from our Holy Spirit joins with the Father, and in this joining, correction is made and healing is clearly significant!  Mastering it is simply the recognition of choice in the form of desire and willingness to let it be what it is in the moment it comes. 

Practice translates in the form of “being subjectively in the moment”, free of your objective thinking viewpoint—which is where the ego would otherwise interfere with its casting shadows of lack and limitation. These shadows are what holds sickness, suffering, lack and limitation in place. They are the lower levels of thought man processes which block the higher power, loving thoughts of God from coming into our conscious awareness.

The Holy Instant As Practiced in the Perfection Healing framework:

1. In using our Auric Body or energy body to communicate (see video instructions), we ask the Father, seeking His Truth which is ours to embrace: “Are there any grievances in the form of trapped emotions that I need release to experience a greater awareness to Love’s presence?” If you get a “yes”, ask, “Can I get clarity of the block through worksheet one?” If yes, we continue to #2 below; if no, ask “What about worksheet two? and then worksheet three?

2. Once we are guided to either worksheet to use, 1, 2 or 3, we ask questions systematically to find out which “word” or “words” that best will communicate the block to our awareness of love’s presence. (step by step instructions are included in the free Perfection Healing Instruction Manual)

As the Course instructs us in practicing of the Holy Instant, we stay in the moment each step of the way, allowing the teacher within us to be the teacher. The idea here is “not to think”, keeping the ego completely on the sideline throughout the process. It will, if allowed, jump into the process and try 'figuring out what is irrelevent' and in essence, try to control or confuse the process.  If allowed it will interrupt the communication process as it believes it knows how to best guide you.  Do not be fooled as it is the maker of sin, sickness and death—which is exactly what you are seeking to be released from. Follow your inner-guidance in asking on any and all conclusions, assume nothing; in doing this, you are allowing it to lead you to the gift of miracle transformation.   It is really this simple. Remember, the key is your openness to just be willing to receive  and not interfere with the process.

3. A Course In Miracles is very clear in creating the mandates and conditions where God’s super natural movement of Love is allowed to dispel the illusions of sin, sickness and death.  When this is allowed, all that is left is the truth in the Mind of God—reminding us that the Mind of God is exactly where we are right now.

The only reason it seems so intense and expansive is because we have been under the spell of the ego for so long.  For generations we have unknowingly been subjected to it and yet now, as we choose, Perfection Healing is ours to own! We need simply be willing to follow our Holy Spirit’s guidance within.

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Through the Holy Instant, the Blocks to Love's Awareness are Removed...
Perfection Healing Sessions, Guided by the Holy Spirit, Does the Exact Same Thing.

"As A Course In Miracle
 instructs us in practicing of the Holy Instant, we stay in the moment each step of the way, allowing the teacher within us to be the teacher..."